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Category Archives : Health Tips

Tips for a Walking Program

Walking is good. NO, it’s great and everyone no matter how young or old you are would benefit from walking regularly if not daily. It is recommended to walk 30 minutes a daily to improve your circulation, boost your metabolism and help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Not to mention, your muscles will be thanking […]

5 Simple Foot Massage Techniques

Everyone loves a soothing massage especially after a long day of being on your feet! Here are 5 simple techniques you can do to relieve the tension in her feet and provide that relaxation you desperate need by the end of the day!   Hold your toes with one hand and the ankle with the […]

Bunions – What are your options?

Bunions are a common topic discussed in the clinic. As a matter of fact, bunion was rated as one of our most popular read post on social media and we just had our fantastic podiatric surgeon, Dr Ozan Amir, based in Sydney, introduced himself to the clinic. We recently sent a patient to him which […]

SHOE HACKS – How to keep you favourite shoes well and going!

  Everyone has that one pair of shoes they struggle to let go. Now, it’s not necessarily advised to keep a worn shoe especially if you notice there’s a tear or worst a whole. Nonetheless, I’m sure you cherish this one pair and will do anything to prolong the use out of it. Well, we […]


Your hips are one of the main stabilisers in your body and most of the time, they don’t get the attention they deserve. At Brindabella Podiatry, we believe hip exercises are just important as giving support to your feet. Here are the TOP 5 HIP STABILITY EXERCISES you can perform daily: 1. Squats Stand with […]

What Your Nails Say About Your Health

We see a lot of patients asking about the health of their toenail. A number of them feels silly for even asking. The interesting fact is that the integrity of your fingernail and toenails can share a great deal of information about your well-being. Your nails can show if you are suffering from a cardiovascular […]

Top 5 Questions When Thinking About Surgery

Why do you have an ingrown toenail? – Poor nail cutting technique can result in the nail being cut too far down on one side, creating a small spike of nail which pierces the skin and results in the ingrown toenail. – Incorrectly fitted shoes, not allowing enough space for the nail to grow. – […]

How do you know when to replace your Runners?

As Podiatrists, we see many lower limb injuries and often, footwear has a roll to play. How do we know when to replace our shoes? Please note that we are talking about sports shoes here, not dress shoes! Quite simply academics say that a shoe should be replaced between 500 – 750km. What we know […]

School Holiday Appointments Booking Up Quick

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS start next week!!! 🚸We still have a few spots left for our kiddies to have their orthotics checked, ingrown toenails removed or maybe their FREE pre-school assessments for the little ones. Give us a buzz on 62932024 B4 the holiday appointments are goneski! Unless… you have literally GONE- SKIING!⛷️