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  Christmas is not far and I’m sure everyone is very busy planning ahead! We don’t want to give you any more surprises than you already have. We will be closing from Saturday, 22nd December and re-open on the Monday, 7th January. See everyone after the New Years! Written by Lydia Kim. Call us at […]

Feel Good – Goals and Stretching

    2018 is almost an end! Take advantage of the finally weeks and days of 2018 to get into the best shape you can be for summer. Prepare yourself for a better you and embrace 2019. SO, for those who are experiencing aches and pains in your lower extremities or feet and want to […]

We Finally Have OOFOS Thongs!!!

It’s summer and lets face it, we want to slip on our thongs and enjoy the air going through our toes. Well, we have the perfect option for you. Now it’s definitely the most fashionable shoes, however we can say with confidence that it’ll keep your feet HAPPY. And really, having happy feet is what […]

The HUGE Debate For All Those Runner’s Striking Pattern!

For those enthusiastic runners, there’s always way of improving your performance, endurance and strength. However, there has been a great deal of blogs and forums that persuasively encourages runners to contemplate a forefoot strike to pick up that extra speed. So, is changing footstrike pattern beneficial to runners? Here is the evidence based literature shared […]

7 Steps On How To Soothe Your Morning Heel Pain

For those who suffer with morning heel pain and struggles to get up first thing in the morning, we’ve been targeting you for the last week with our daily posts on how to self-treat your morning pain. Here are all the posts gathered together to show you these 7 steps in one go! If you like […]

Tips for a Walking Program

Walking is good. NO, it’s great and everyone no matter how young or old you are would benefit from walking regularly if not daily. It is recommended to walk 30 minutes a daily to improve your circulation, boost your metabolism and help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Not to mention, your muscles will be thanking […]


Today is a very special day for our podiatry fellowship. It’s international podiatry day!! Today is the perfect day to think about your feet and learn more ways to keep your feet happy. Here’s a favourite tips and tricks on how to keep your feet moving and satisfied! Recommendations on keeping healthy feet: 1. Don’t […]