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Today is a very special day for our podiatry fellowship. It’s international podiatry day!! Today is the perfect day to think about your feet and learn more ways to keep your feet happy. Here’s a favourite tips and tricks on how to keep your feet moving and satisfied! Recommendations on keeping healthy feet: 1. Don’t […]

5 Simple Foot Massage Techniques

Everyone loves a soothing massage especially after a long day of being on your feet! Here are 5 simple techniques you can do to relieve the tension in her feet and provide that relaxation you desperate need by the end of the day!   Hold your toes with one hand and the ankle with the […]

How To Clean When You Have A Fungal AND/OR Wart Infection

We see patients who suffer with fungal and HPV (wart) infection on a daily basis. One the most common questions we get asked is how do I clean my shoes and clothes. Here are some tips and tricks you can do to prevent the spread of these infection. Fungal Infection  Q: How do fungal spread? […]

Top 5 Questions When Thinking About Surgery

Why do you have an ingrown toenail? – Poor nail cutting technique can result in the nail being cut too far down on one side, creating a small spike of nail which pierces the skin and results in the ingrown toenail. – Incorrectly fitted shoes, not allowing enough space for the nail to grow. – […]

1 Every 5 mins diagnosed every 5 mins in Oz!

We know that people with Diabetes should have their feet checked and tested at least once per year by a Podiatrist. The Podiatrist will assess your blood flow and nerve function and allocate you a ‘risk status’. High, Moderate or Low Risk. Low Risk Status often means that your blood flow and nerve function are […]

How do you know when to replace your Runners?

As Podiatrists, we see many lower limb injuries and often, footwear has a roll to play. How do we know when to replace our shoes? Please note that we are talking about sports shoes here, not dress shoes! Quite simply academics say that a shoe should be replaced between 500 – 750km. What we know […]


Toenails that curve over and dig into the skin of your toe are called ingrown toenails. They can cause significant pain, but are generally not serious if taken care of. If you don’t take good care of your feet, an ingrown toenail can lead to a severe infection. An ingrown toenail occurs when the toenail […]

Bruised Toenails: A Common Nail Injury of Ballet Dancers

If you are a ballet dancer on pointe issues involving the toes are probably nothing new. Considering that your entire body weight is balanced on your toes while dancing, it’s no wonder that your feet and toes look like they’ve taken a beating. Dancing on your toes day after day puts tremendous stress on the […]

It’s a BOY!

We have a new Podiatrist named Luke Doyle! Luke is a graduate from Western Sydney University and holds a Bachelor of Health Science and a Master of Podiatric Medicine. After previously working in IT for the corporate world, a desire to help people improve their health, led him to podiatry. Luke was previously working in Ulladulla on […]