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Category Archives : Towards Wellness

Have You Had Your Falls Risk Assessment?

Are you unsteady on your feet and feel off balance? Have you ever had a fall as a result of feeling uncoordinated and just unstable when standing or walking? This is the perfect assessment for you! Falls are all too common in the ageing population and the risk is increased with those with Diabetes. They […]


Brindabella Podiatry are performing a 15 minute FREE lower limb screening at our clinic in Tuggeranong. This is a great opportunity for preschool aged children (3 to 5) to participate in a lower limb/foot review, to screen for any conditions that may contribute to poor lower limb health and function. During the assessment, the topics that may be discuss […]

Meet our 6th Podiatrist @ Bpod!!!

😃Then there were 6!!! Meet Our New POD Jessica!!! 👧🏼 Jessica Laws is a passionate & dedicated podiatrist and has been practicing for over 10 years after completing her degree at Charles Sturt University. Prior to this Jessica worked as a Registered Nurse in Emergency Departments and served as a Nursing Officer in the Australian Army […]

Why you should consider taking up Pilates?

Pilates is described as the ultimate core workout. But it actually trains no only your core, but also your whole body and mind. Here are some benefits you can gain from Pilates: Long, lean muscles Greater mobility Enhanced balance and coordination Low-impact exercise Engagement and awareness of the pelvic floor, deep core and stabilisation muscles […]

1 Every 5 mins diagnosed every 5 mins in Oz!

We know that people with Diabetes should have their feet checked and tested at least once per year by a Podiatrist. The Podiatrist will assess your blood flow and nerve function and allocate you a ‘risk status’. High, Moderate or Low Risk. Low Risk Status often means that your blood flow and nerve function are […]

Foot Melanoma

Foot melanoma is a type of skin cancer that affects the feet. It can appear anywhere on the foot, including the sole or under a nail. It starts in a skin cell called a melanocyte. These cells are located in the uppermost layer of the skin. They are responsible for producing melanin, a dark pigment […]


Not in an email, not on Twitter or Facebook, but really: laugh out loud. Whether you like watching Family Guy or Seinfeld reruns, if it gets you chuckling, it’s good for your heart. Research from the University of Maryland Medical Centre shows that laughter helps relieve the stress that damages the endothelium, the tissue that […]

Get Outside!

Studies show that going outside each day has massive health benefits. Improving your short term memory, reduce stress, restore mental energy, improve concentration & increase vitamin D. So, what are you waiting for? Get Outside!