Today is a very special day for our podiatry fellowship. It’s international podiatry day!! Today is the perfect day to think about your feet and learn more ways to keep your feet happy. Here’s a favourite tips and tricks on how to keep your feet moving and satisfied!

Recommendations on keeping healthy feet:
1. Don’t ignore foot pain. If a pain persists, see a podiatrist!
2. Inspect your feet regularly OR at least once a week.
– If you’re a diabetic, make sure you watch out for cut, wounds or infection.
– Any growth on the foot is not normal.
3. Wash you feet regularly and don’t forget in between yours.
– Make sure to dry them completely after each wash,
4. Trim toenails straight and not too short to prevent ingrown toenails.
5. See a blister? Don’t pop it rather protect it with a cut out foam or protective gel to prevent infection and speed up healing time.
6. Measure your foot length when standing.
– Different sizes? Buy shoe based on the larger foot size.
7. Maintain your shoes to prevent pain in your feet.
– Air your shoes after each wear.
– Replace worn insoles.
– Renew your active footwear i.e. running shoes yearly if you are active on your feet.
8. Fractures or soft tissue tear? Use cold water or ice and avoid heat or hot water.
9. Apply sunscreen on top of your toes – Yes you can skin cancer on your feet too.

Written by Lydia Kim.

Reference: International Podiatry Day Facebook Page.

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