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Is that a WART on my child’s foot?

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Is that a WART on my child’s foot?

Plantar Warts and Your Child’s Feet

Plantar Warts are somewhat common on children’s feet as well as other parts of the body. Caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Plantar Warts are typically seen in patients ranging in age 12-16. The wart is essentially an infection of the skin caused by the virus.

Where Does HPV Come From?

HPV is spread via direct contact to the skin. Most commonly, it comes from contact with the bare skin – often occurring from bare feet in public showers. However, it’s difficult to ascertain exactly where patients get it as it has a notably long incubation period – anywhere from 1-20 months. Also, complicating detection is that initially it can look and feel like a simple callus on the sole of the foot. There is typically no pain so the virus can go overlooked and undertreated.

How to Identify HPV.

One defining feature of plantar warts is the appearance of small, black circular dots slightly visible underneath the skin. These “dots” are areas of blood, contained in capillaries that are normally invisible. However, as the HPV grows and comes up towards the surface of the foot, it stimulates blood supply to come with it, which keeps the virus thriving.

Does Is Spread to Other Areas?

The strain of HPV causing plantar warts cannot be spread to other areas of the body, such as the mouth or genitals. But, Plantar Warts can quickly multiply on the surrounding area.

At Home Treatments.

Warts can, in some cases, heal on their own. The body’s immune system can kick in and attack the virus and rid it from the body, but this is not typical.

Over the counter methods include Salicylic Acid preparations (pads, liquid, gel, or ointment) and Vitamin A. Also helpful is to keep the feet clean and dry to eliminate moisture and decrease the viruses chance to thrive.

However, most often, professional treatment from your Podiatrist is recommended. At Brindabella Podiatry we are very experienced with the diagnosis and treatment of Plantar Warts. The factors they will consider when recommending treatment include:

  • The severity of Plantar Warts and how long they have been on the area.
  • What is the temperament of your child? This is often a discussion that involves you, the parent, to gain valuable insight into your child’s tolerance.

Podatrist’s Treatments.

Debridement to reduce the bulk of the wart and the overlying dry skin (callous), followed by a chemical ‘burn’ with an acid. We have HUGE success with this treatment and have killed warts that have been present for over 10 years! If you child (or adult) needs a less invasive treatment, we can use a less harsh chemical that will take longer, but will be tolerated better by your child.

If you think your child (or yourself) may have a plantar wart or require podiatric treatment as a result of contact with HPV, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a diagnosis on 62932024 or email info@brindabellapodiatry.com.au or better still make an ONLINE ‘General Treatment’ appointment right HERE!