3 Steps to reduce numbness and pain in the feet 👣 when riding your bike🚴‍♀️
1. See image #1. Standing up straight on your innersole, your foot should not hang too far over the edge of the innersole. If your foot does, you may be compressing your nerves when riding which can cause pins/needles, numbness and pain.
2. See image #2. Loosen the laces in the front of the shoe so that your forefoot can spread out when riding.
3. See image #3. If you have tried #1 and #2 then you may need a podiatrist to put ‘metatarsal domes’ or ‘metatarsal bars’ in your shoes to redistribute the pressure and prevent the damage to your foot. These need to be place in the correct position, otherwise you may get other problems.
Please feel free to ask any questions as we love to fix this problem for our riders!
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