It’s time to finally take advantage of your overpriced health insurance and claim your GAP FREE lower limb assessment 👣 and get exercising this winter! ⛷️🏃♀️ 

WINTER is not an excuse to stop exercising, BUT pain certainly is. Let us help you get rid of that pain so that you can enjoy the gorgeous Canberra winter.

As a valued Facebook Fan, we would like to help you get the most out of your health insurance benefits so that you can GET OUT IN THE BEAUTIFUL WINTER SUN!!! 🌞
We are offering yourself and a valued friend the following:

An initial biomechanical consultation including muscle testing and gait analysis (valued at $195).
Footwear assessment (valued at $72).
3D foot scan and pressure plate analysis (valued at $95).


(limited to 3 people per week)

No Private Health Fund? No worries, you just pay $45 for all of the above.

For those people who want to fix a lower limb problem or better manage an ongoing issue, simply click on the link below to claim your assessment now

OFFER ENDS 30th June 2018!!!