Ageing is a trying process.  The decades of activity between infancy and retirement can place considerable stress on the body and mind. Over time, generating an inventory of injury is a statistical inevitability. Similarly, as a matter of genetics and environment, our personal list of diagnoses is likely to increase with each birthday. As a result, the process of ageing is often criticised and feared for the probability of developing symptoms. Naturally, one might consider pain and injury as an unavoidable feature of ageing. This common misconception – that one must learn to tolerate age-related aches and pains – must be dispelled. Paradoxically, the misguided perception of ageing as a guarantor of pain serves to increase the incidence of pain because individuals do not seek available treatment.   

Symptoms such as pain can result from a variety of origins. In order to minimise the burden of pain, it is important to identify the true source rather than reflexively attributing pain to age. Too often do patients endure and tolerate a level of pain that could be otherwise resolved. Of course, symptoms that result from chronic disease are less manageable than that which stems from acute or overuse injury. Nevertheless, symptoms directly associated with walking, running or general daily activity can be effectively managed for patients of any age.  

Here at Brindabella Podiatry, we are excited to throw off the yoke of ageing and embrace a pragmatic approach to pain. The first step towards a better quality of life is a consultation with your podiatrist to identify the reason for any activity-related pain. According to the diagnosis, we will develop a rigorous management plan aimed at reducing pain and returning functionality. Don’t let age be the reason for your pain.  


– Thomas McMahon