Walking is good. NO, it’s great and everyone no matter how young or old you are would benefit from walking regularly if not daily. It is recommended to walk 30 minutes a daily to improve your circulation, boost your metabolism and help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Not to mention, your muscles will be thanking you for a good workout. The IFP (International Federations of Podiatry) has created this great program to provide you tips on ways to make the most of your walk whilst avoiding common injuries related with walking. See the program below and enjoy!

  1. Consult a podiatrist.
  2. Purchase good shoes.
  3. Wear added acrylic socks.
  4. Stretch during 5-10 mins.
  5. Stretch each foot and Achilles tendon.
  6. Avoid uneven surfaces or rocks.
  7. Begin the exercise slowly.
  8. Move at a steady pace.
  9. Walk with your head straight. Back straight and abdomen flat.
  10. Keep your legs out front and knees slightly bent
  11. Swing your arm =>forearms parallel to the ground.
  12. If it hurts, stop.
  13. Cool down after the walk.

Written by Lydia Kim.

Reference: International Podiatry Day Facebook Page.

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