It’s summer and lets face it, we want to slip on our thongs and enjoy the air going through our toes. Well, we have the perfect option for you. Now it’s definitely the most fashionable shoes, however we can say with confidence that it’ll keep your feet HAPPY. And really, having happy feet is what allows you walk that extra mile, engage in your activity and give your mind that sense of freedom from pain and discomfort.

So this takes me too, what’s so great about OOFOS and why you should wear it this summer. Here are the information you need to know that explain how they make feet happy.

OOFOS is engineered to help your feet recovery in a way that no other typical footwear can do. You ask how? Well here are the main features that’ll explain everything to you:

  1. Absorbs more shock than traditional foam – 37% more shock absorption than the traditional shoe.
  2. Reduce stress on sore feet, knees and back.
  3. Cradles your arches – a patented footbed designed to provide tremendous arch support.
  4. Enables more natural motion – flex and moves with your feet and the ground.

ALSO, they are incredibly light, moisture resistant which is water and washing machine friendly and soft conforming toe post to stop chafing in between that first and second toe.

With all these fantastic features and preparing for the hot summer ahead, why not try these feet friendly thongs? If you are interested, come into the clinic and try them, otherwise, give us a call via the information provided below. If you like to visit, their website – Click here:

Reference: OOfoam Technology Website AU version.

Written by Lydia Kim.

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