Brindabella Podiatry are performing a 15 minute FREE lower limb screening at our clinic in Tuggeranong. This is a great opportunity for preschool aged children (3 to 5) to participate in a lower limb/foot review, to screen for any conditions that may contribute to poor lower limb health and function.
During the assessment, the topics that may be discuss dependent on the child’s need including appropriate footwear, growing pains, what is normal, stretches and strengthening tips and when a child may need to see a podiatrist. With written parent consent, we will then perform a fully clothed lower limb assessment on each child.
We have attached a “Red Alert Checklist” for parents to read which outlines any red flags that warrant further investigation from a registered podiatrist of their child’s lower limb and feet. This will help them understand if their child is best to receive this free screening program. Click here: Red Alert Checklist and FREE Screening
The screening days and time will be on April 18th (Thursday) and May 13th (Monday), both from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. It is crucial that they book to receive this free assessment as it will be limited to only 8 children in total. If a parent would like to book a FREE 15 minute assessment for a Preschool Screening Program, please call the clinic at (02) 6293 2024 or email