Pilates is described as the ultimate core workout. But it actually trains no only your core, but also your whole body and mind. Here are some benefits you can gain from Pilates:

  • Long, lean muscles
  • Greater mobility
  • Enhanced balance and coordination
  • Low-impact exercise
  • Engagement and awareness of the pelvic floor, deep core and stabilisation muscles
  • Improved sport and athletic function
  • An exercise program tailored to your need


For those who are new to Pilates, here are some tips. A mat Pilates class in the gym is an excellent way to become familiar with the Pilates approach to full-body training. As you gain an understanding of how to use your breathing to engage your core muscles for greater strength and balance, it’s then up to you if you wish to explore Reformer classes, which are available in certain clubs. Reformers uses pulleys, levers, weighted dumbbells, balls and much more to enhance your experience. Regardless of the type of Pilates you choose, the best thing you can do is get started.

Brought to you by Beginnner’s Guide to Pilates: Fernwood Fitness.

Written by Lydia Kim.

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