Look After Your Feet!

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The Diabetes Association does recommend a podiatric review every six months...


Gail Analysis or Biomechanical Assessments are assessments of walking and foot function...

How To Get Those Feet SUMMER Ready!

During hot summer days, socks and shoes are flung carelessly into a dark corner of the room and out emerges the dreaded sandal or thong. Before you put your feet on display this summer here are some tips to help them look and feel their best: Check, soak and exfoliate It’s a good idea to give your feet a check as you emerge from winter. Any foot issues like fungal nails, warts, tinea, corns or callus should be addressed immediately to avoid any further damage to your feet;

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Why Tuggeranong chooses Brindabella Podiatry

We only get one set of feet so it’s a good idea to look after them! Our podiatrists are all university trained and registered nationally and you DO NOT NEED A REFERRAL. We assess and treat all ages, from toddlers to the elderly.

The conditions we see on a regular basis include HEEL / ARCH PAIN, BALL OF FOOT PAIN, BUNIONS, CORNS/CALLUS and INGROWN TOE NAILS. So, if you are someone who does have a foot and/or lower limb problem. Jump on the phone and give us a call.
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