Knee and Ankle Pain

Did you know that ankle and knee pain can be caused by poor foot posture?

The ankle and knee are complex joints which are often affected by the way you walk and your foot posture. Therefore, if you are suffering from ankle or knee pain or both, it is worthwhile getting your feet assessed.

We look at the hip and knee position, pelvic alignment, ankle stability and foot pressures to help determine whether your biomechanical make up is contributing to your knee or ankle pain. Often there are old injuries and accidents to consider when assessing these complex joints.


Our podiatrists at Brindabella Podiatry have the expertise to treat conditions of the knee and ankle when they are related to poor foot function. By balancing the foot and creating better alignment in the lower limb, we may be able to reduce knee and ankle pain and dysfunction.

What Happens During a Consultation

The team at Brindabella Podiatry have many years of experience to accurately assess and diagnose your condition. For our more complex patients, we have regular case discussions where we put our heads together to work out the best management options for these people.

We have the most recent 3D foot imaging laser scanner and computerised pressure plate system which we use to help accurately assess conditions and make orthotics when required. Our appointments and orthotics can be claimed on the spot from your Health Fund and no referral is necessary. We can directly refer for X-Ray, Ultrasound or MRI if required.

If you are concerned about knee pain, ankle pain, ankle instability or arthritis, book a biomechanical assessment today.

No Referral Needed

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