Heel Pain in your Child

Early Intervention is Best

Does your child experience sore heels or ankles during or after sport? We commonly see heel pain in active children. It is not a ‘normal’ part of growing up and must be assessed by a foot professional.

One of the most common causes of heel pain is Sever’s Disease or traction calcaneal apophysitis. This problem usually involves inflammation of the growth plate in the heel which may be caused by poor walking and foot posture, tight muscles and high levels of activity. We see this problem every week and it is usually quite easy to treat. Please do not dismiss this as a ‘growing pain’ as it can be treated.


What Happens During a Consultation

Our podiatrists have many years of experience in treating children’s feet and have specialised training to recognise and effectively manage your child’s heel pain. We want them out running around as quickly as possible, pain-free.

Heel pain in children is often treated with a heel raise attached to an orthotic to allow the growth plate to close. Once the growth plate closes we re-assess to determine whether the orthotic is still required. We refer directly to X-Ray or MRI if further diagnostics are required.

If your child has heel pain, make a Biomechanical Assessment appointment with Brindabella Podiatry.

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