Onyfix Nail Correction

Introducing Onyfix Nail Correction System

Onyfix is the newest technology used to treat ingrown and involuted toenails using a composite nail brace that reshapes the nail and ensures natural nail growth.

At your appointment, the Podiatrist will create and adapt an individualised system that treats your ingrown or involuted nails. Onyfix acts as a composite brace allowing the nail to reshape and naturally grow out. The entire process is pain-free, from start to finish.

Ingrown or involuted toenails can be painful and cause many complications. Onyfix provides an alternative solution for patients who may have tried Non-Surgical treatment or are not suited for Ingrown Toenail Surgery. It’s also great for those with a needle phobia, diabetic, pregnant or breastfeeding and vascular problems.

What To Expect

  • Your podiatrist will file your nail and apply a primer across the nail plate to help adhere the composite to the nail
  • The Primer is cured with an LED light for 30 seconds
  • The Onyfix composite is applied to the base of the toenail. Your podiatrist will individually assess your needs and apply a second band if required at the top of the nail.
  • The composite is cured with an LED light for 60 seconds
  • The composite will remain on your nail for 2-3 months. Further application may sometimes be required
  • Treatment can take up to 12 months to achieve desired toenail growth
  • Once the toenail has grown out to satisfaction the brace is painlessly removed and the nail continues to grow out healthy

All nail polish, shellac and artificial nails must be removed before treatment

No Referral Needed!

Look After Your Feet!


  • Pain free
  • Safe
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Natural growth process
  • Nail polish can be applied over the top
  • Return to sport and activity immediately after application
  • Can get wet following application
  • Natural growth process
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Suitable for pregnant or lactating woman
  • Evidence based medicine


This depends on the requirements of the individual patient.

Generally speaking, you can follow this timeline. However, some individuals will require more frequent applications or re-application by a foot and nail specialist if trauma has resulted in the Onyfix strip becoming dislodged.

Follow-Up #1: Initially, follow-up at 6 weeks for assessment of Onyfix strip application and general treatment
Follow-Up #2: Secondary follow-up at 12 weeks for secondary Onyfix strip application
Follow-Up #3+: Follow-up every three months for Onyfix strip application until the involution has been adequately reduced.

This is patient dependent.

Clinical studies indicate that a 12-month treatment protocol shows positive results¹.

¹Eckhard Hanisch, Physiological and painless treatment of ingrown and rolled toenails, 2018.

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Once the Onyfix treatment for ingrown toenail compound is cured, your patient can bathe, shower and swim as they like.

There is no downtime.

Once the Onyfix compound has been cured by the foot and nail specialist, with the provided LED light, your patient is free to do whatever activity they already had planned… running, swimming, or dancing – you name it, they can participate.

There are no known contraindications to using Onyfix.

Onyfix, treatment for ingrown toenail, does not make direct skin contact, and there have been no reported allergic reactions. Onyfix is not a bracing system, and there is no torque applied by foreign objects such as hooks or suction cups. It works by decreasing the curvature of the nail through its own natural physiological growth, Onyfix is safe for even the highest risk patients*. 

* This includes children, pregnant women and even patients with peripheral neuropathy who are not candidates for a surgical matrixectomy.