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Our team at Brindabella Podiatry Canberra includes seven podiatrists! Nicole Heinecke, Kylie Schramm, Melanie Green, Kate Gillingham, Simon Hrobelko, Isaac Hogan and Sarah Mewburn.

Our podiatrists are fully qualified, University trained and registered with AHPRA. Plus, you DO NOT NEED A REFERRAL. We assess and treat all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. You can even BOOK ONLINE HERE!

On reception, we have Charlotte Schumann and Darelle Fuller. They will welcome you warmly to our clinic. Between them, they have many years of experience in customer service and will do whatever they can to accommodate your busy schedule.

isaac hogan
Canberra Podiatrist

Isaac is actively involved in a wide variety of sports including cycling, running, skiing and cricket. His approach to sports podiatry and injury management focuses on pinpointing the cause of the injury in relation to the patient’s specific sport...

Kate Gillingham
Canberra Podiatrist

Katie has a special interest in all paediatric patients and diabetic foot care. Katie is dedicated to treating every person holistically and takes care to create a long-term management plan for every patient to ensure they receive excellent on-going care...

Simon Hrobelko
Canberra Podiatrist

Simon has a particular interest in arch and heel pain as well as ingrown nail treatment and surgery. His goal is to keep people active and healthy. He believes in treating the person holistically and strives for the best possible outcomes for his patients....

Kylie Schramm
Canberra Podiatrist

Kylie has been practicing podiatry in the Canberra region for over 20 years. Kylie has a particular interest in sports related foot and leg problems and biomechanical analysis, linking her...

Melanie Green
Canberra Podiatrist

Melanie graduated from La Trobe University in Victoria in 1995 and has worked in all aspects of Podiatry in private practice, high risk foot clinics...

Nicole Heinecke
Canberra Podiatrist

Nicole graduated from university in 2002. Her first 5 years were spent working in Sydney in conjunction with the diabetes and vascular ‘High Risk...

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