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We wish to introduce ourselves at BRINDABELLA PODIATRY. We have four podiatrists, Nicole Heinecke, Kylie Schramm, Sophie Winterbourn and Melanie Green.


Nicole Heinecke

Nicole Heinecke_smallNicole graduated from university in 2002. Her first 5 years were spent working in Sydney in conjunction with the diabetes and vascular ‘High Risk Foot’ clinics at Concord, Canterbury and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals. With the increase of diabetic foot disease and the related peripheral vascular disease and neuropathy, Brindabella Podiatry encourages all people with diabetes to have regular foot assessments and education. Nicole has a focus to prevent diabetes related foot complications with appropriate foot care, footwear and re-distribution of peak pressures in the feet by assessing the foot shape and gait patterns. Soft, shock absorbing orthoses are often issued for prevention of callous, corns and ulceration. Nicole also has a special interest in treating ingrown toe nails and regularly performs toe nail surgery under local anaesthetic, following strict sterile protocols.


Kylie Schramm

Kylie-Schramm_smallKylie has been practicing podiatry in the Canberra region for over 10 years. Kylie has a particular interest in sports related foot and leg problems and biomechanical analysis, linking her studies in Human Movement & Podiatry. As an active member of Sports Medicine Australia she keeps up to date with latest research & clinical sports science. The clinic utilises the latest foot scanning technology, Gaitscan, which facilitates the detailed lower limb assessments at Brindabella Podiatry. Paediatric assessments are also an area of interest, with experience from toddlers to teenagers, including special needs children. We use treatment modalities including orthotic therapy, stretching & strengthening exercises, footwear prescription and foot health education.


Sophie Winterbourn

Sophie-Winterbourn_smallSophie graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2008. Having practiced in both Victoria and New South Wales the love of the mountains and fresh air has brought her to Canberra. Sophie has practiced for the last 5 years in general podiatry and has a particular interest in orthotic and footwear prescription, diabetic foot care and in-grown toe nail management. Sophie is very approachable and friendly and willing to do that little bit extra to ensure a successful outcome for all of her patients.


Melanie Green


Melanie graduated from La Trobe University in Victoria in 1995 and has worked in all aspects of Podiatry in private practice, high risk foot clinics, aged care and with professional sporting teams. Melanie has worked in remote towns and big cities and enjoys the diversity and challenges that need to be addressed in these conditions. She has four active boys and regularly helps as first aid on the sidelines for their sporting teams, combining a love of sport and achieving optimum performance. Melanie also has a special interest in preventative health for all aspects of Podiatry- addressing potential problems before they become debilitating.


Reception Staff:

Ruth Bosak and Darelle Fuller on reception will welcome you warmly to our clinic. Between them, they have many years of experience in customer service and will do whatever they can to accommodate your busy schedules.