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If you are suffering with foot pain, limping out of bed with heel pain or arthritis or not running like you used to, it is quite possible that we can help. When you have poor foot posture your bones, tendons, ligaments and joints are strained with ever step you take. This strain may cause pain and injury and can result in arthritis or chronic injury. 

By correcting the way your feet and body move we help to reduce pain, injury and inflammation. Improving your mechanics is the secret to being active without pain for the long term. We can change the way you walk by splinting the foot in an adjusted position with an orthotic. You may think of them as ‘Arch Supports’ as this is how they are marketed in shops, however, we use the term Orthotics or Orthoses as we don’t just use them to support the arch (NB: Shops are not allowed to call them Orthotics as shop insoles are not customised or prescribed by Podiatrists).


What Happens During a Consultation

The team at Brindabella Podiatry commonly treat the following: Heel and Arch Pain, Achilles problems, ball-of-foot pain, arthritic feet, bunions, children’s feet, knee and ankle pain. We will recommend the most effective treatment for your condition. Sometimes this may include, Foot mobilisation, dry needling, specific footwear, strapping/taping/bracing and sometimes orthotics. Our orthotics are custom made for YOUR INDIVIDUAL foot type and problem, not chosen from a ‘library’ for best fit. We will take a plaster cast replica of your feet so that your orthotics match your feet. We use various orthotic laboratories depending on the problem, the style required and the appropriate materials for varying feet. Our labs only make orthotics for podiatrists as they require the scripts and scans to be spot on. Which ours are!

We also have a range of heat molded orthotics when less correction is required.  PLUS we use these for growing kids feet that need to be replaced more often!

Our appointments and orthotics can be claimed on the spot from your Health Fund and no referral is necessary. NOTE: you can not claim a Health Fund Rebate for a custom made orthotic from a physio/chiro/doctor or shop. If urgent, we can do rush orders on orthotics and have them in 2-3 days. We make any type of orthotic. Full length or short orthotics, dress or sport orthotics, hard or soft orthotics.  Ski boots, joggers, footy boots or heels! Whatever your feet desire, we can make an orthotic to suit your lifestyle!

We recommend that you bring a few pairs of shoes you regularly wear to your assessment so that we can assess them for support, cushioning, fit and wear.

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If you are suffering with foot, ankle or knee pain, book a biomechanical assessment today and walk without pain. Pain is not normal. Make an appointment with Brindabella Podiatry for an assessment. 62932024.

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