Smelly Feet

Do you know someone who has smelly feet?

This condition is called, Bromhidrosis. Smelly feet can be embarrassing BUT there are many things you can do to reduce the smell.

Bromhidrosis is a medical term for body odour, an unpleasant smell caused by sweating or perspiring. Perspiration itself is odourless. However, sweat interacts with naturally occurring bacteria and yeast on the skin that break down perspiration. This interaction produces the distinctive smell of body odour.


What Happens During a Consultation

Often we see little holes on the bottom of the foot and around the heels, like little craters, where the bacteria has eaten away at the skin. We need to shave off this dead skin to reduce the amount of bacteria.

We see this condition regularly in teenagers with sweaty feet, people who work in wet environments or have to wear shoes for long periods, smokers and people with high levels of stress.

There are a number of simple podiatry treatment options available. Our podiatrists will write out a plan for you to follow each day to reduce the bacterial growth on the skin and therefore reduce the smell.

If you are concerned about yourself, your partner or your child’s smelly feet, book a general podiatry appointment today.

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