Nicole Heinecke

Nicole Heinecke Canberra Podiatrist

Canberra Podiatrist

Nicole graduated from university in 2002. Her first 5 years were spent working in Sydney in conjunction with the diabetes and vascular ‘High Risk Foot’ clinics at Concord, Canterbury and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals. With the increase of diabetic foot disease and the related problems with the lower limb blood vessels and nerves, Brindabella Podiatry encourages all people with diabetes to have regular foot assessments and education. 

As the owner of Brindabella Podiatry since 2009, Nicole stepped back from clinical work in 2017 to manage the expanding practice and focus on further developing the clinic to enhance the services provided to our clients. She is extremely proud of her highly skilled team and welcomes any questions or concerns to her directly.

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