A  bunion or  HALLUX ABDUCTO-VALGUS (HAV)  is a malalignment of the base of the big toe. This causes the tip of the big toe travel towards the little toes which causes the bone to stick out. Often people think of this bump as extra bone in the area. This can also occur in the 5th or little toe which is called a tailors bunion or “bunnionette”.

Research has suggested that the below could be the cause or contributor to the condition:
– Footwear- poorly fitting
– Female gender
– Familial- previous family history
– Pronation
– Secondary to other joint diseases- Rheumatoid arthritis
– Muscle imbalances
– Previous surgery in the area
– The Shape of the metatarsal head shape
– Long 1st toe
– Hypermobile 1st toe

Some complications of Bunions are changes in gait, soreness/ aching of the big toe joint,
callous/corns, ingrown toe nails and trauma of the big toe nail over time.

Prevention and education are key in the treatment of bunions:
– Footwear advise and recommendations
– Gel toe spreaders, bunion guards and foot devices which can help to align the toe and
relieve pain and help to prevent progression
– Foot care- debridement of callous and/or corns
– Orthoses to support foot arches
– Ice and heat therapies
– Stretching regime for good biomechanics
– Surgical opinion


If you think you have a bunion, you can book an INITIAL BIOMECHANICAL ASSESSMENT HERE and we can advise you on the best management for your bunion.