Dry Needling of the Foot and Leg

Dry needling is acupuncture needles applied intramuscularly near or into trigger points to relieve muscle soreness associated with myofascial tightness and bring blood flow to the area. This in turn helps to quickly restore function, reduce local and referred pain and increase muscle flexibility back to the patient.

Some conditions we treat as Podiatrists are:
– Muscle soreness/tightness
– Plantar fasciitis/ heel pain
– Tendonopathy
– Shin splints or medial tibial stress syndrome
– Cramps
– Joint issues

The needle is often not felt or a small prick is all that is felt. During dry needling some patients have reported to feel a deep aching it is more akin to the feeling of DOMS or muscular fatigue, and some soreness if a twitch response is stimulated. We needle at varying levels of intensiveness from only needling the first 5-10mm then to the muscle, and then using techniques of twisting and pistoning in and out.

Some aching can be felt during the session which is also often felt post treatment up to 24-48 hour but often is not felt after 24 hrs. Some of the post treatment after care is to stay hydrated, you may have increased muscle soreness but you are encouraged to continue moving where you can.

What are some potential complications:
– Bruising- can last up to 2 weeks
– Bleeding
– Fatigue
– Fainting
– stiffness

If you are interested in dry needling, you can book a biomechanical appointment here and enjoy the benefits of needling!

Keely O’Neill