So what is Foot Mobilisation?

Foot mobilisation methods (FMT) are a type of manual treatment used to enhance foot and ankle function by focusing on stiff, misaligned, or malfunctioning joints. Precise mobilisation and manipulation movements are utilised to improve foot, ankle, and lower limb function. Joint mobilisation procedures aim to restore a normal range of motion while also lubricating joints. To attain the optimum outcomes, FMT procedures are used in conjunction with stretching and strengthening exercises.

Connective tissues usually adapt to their smallest functional length physiologically. The goal of foot mobilisation is to loosen connective tissue constraints that impair appropriate joint function. In essence, it removes impediments to healing from the body.

Mobilisation can be an important aspect of your total treatment, leading to effective pain alleviation, increased mobility, and enhanced performance.

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Keely O’Neill