Are Your Orthotics Due For Their Service?

We always contact patients 12 months after their orthotics have been fitted to ensure they are still supporting the foot and to assess if any changes need to be made. This is appointment is important to help maintain the orthotics function and monitor for wear and tear.

What you should expect at your 12-month review:

  1. Check-up on the wear and tear of orthotics– it’s important to make sure the orthotics are wearing correctly as they naturally will when worn for 5-7 days per week. If an area is showing signs of excessive wear reinforcing may be required and this will prolong their lifespan
  2. Review covering materials – Covers are put on the upper shell of the orthotics to protect the essential materials. If covers are damaged or absent, the underlying materials will wear out.
  3. Evaluation of your current footwear – Footwear can determine the success or failure of your orthotics, so it’s vital to wear the footwear that suits your foot and can accommodate your orthotics appropriately.
  4. Review your original symptoms – Preferably, we’d like to see you pain-free, but sometimes this is not the case and your orthotics may require extra support, or you may need to consider other therapies, such as ultrasound, dry needling or
  5. Go over and renew prescribed exercises – Stretching and strengthening exercises are often just as important to do as an adjunct therapy with orthotics. If you have become excellent at your exercises and would like new ones or if you have forgotten the old ones, this appointment is a good time to refresh.
  6. Assess your bones and muscles for any changes – To prevent an injury from happening by testing that all muscles are long and strong and all joints have adequate range of motion so that you are not making an compensations as you walk. This all changes as you grow older so can be different every year, especially for children.
Katie Gillingham- PODIATRIST

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