Does Your Child Need A Podiatrist?

Is your child complaining of pain or tripping over at school? Maybe they walk a little strangely?

Podiatrist’s undertake years of training to diagnosis, provide treatment and give long term management for paediatric foot issues. The first appointment includes a comprehensive biomechanical assessment including thorough history taking, muscle testing, joint testing, gait analysis and if needed vascular and neurological testing. These assessments can often involve running, jumping, hopping, and playing to assess gross motor skills and what factors can be altered to treat your child’s condition.

We most commonly see children that present with:

  • In-toeing AND out-toeing
  • Knee and hip mal-alignment and pain
  • Heel pain and general foot pain
  • Toe walking
  • Frequent trips and falls
  • Nail conditions and warts
  • Footwear fitting issues
  • General check-up of whole lower limb biomechanics to prevent future injuries
  • Achilles pain
  • Growing pains and night pains
  • Flat feet

At every stage of development and every milestone there are different conditions that can occur. Our podiatrists will be able to identify where your child is at and implement appropriate measures to help them along their journey.

Katie Gillingham- PODIATRIST

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