Cold Feet In Winter?

Cold toes in winter? It may be Raynaud’s.

Do you suffer from extremely cold toes in winter? If so, it could be Raynaud’s disease. Raynaud’s is the short-term interruption of blood flow to the extremities, such as the fingers and toes. It may be a sign of an underlying autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis,
scleroderma or lupus. The skin colour usually goes through 3 stages: white (pallor), blue (cyanosis) and red (rubor). There is not a set order to the changes in skin colour and not all people experience all three skin colourations

The best way to treat Raynaud’s phenomenon is to:
1. Avoid caffeine and smoking
2. Reduce medications that cause tightening of the blood vessels (on GPs advice).
3. Keep feet and hands warm, wearing possum socks and gloves in winter.

If you think that you could be experiencing Raynaud’s visit your podiatrist for confirmation. You can book a GENERAL TREATMENT online here 

Written by Simon Hrobelko for CANBERRA INGROWN TOENAIL CLINIC.