Tinea Pedis / Athletes Foot?

Do you have red, scaly, peeling or itchy feet? You may have Tinea pedis. Tinea pedis (Tinea) also called athletes foot is a fungal foot infection often seen by podiatrists. Tinea is usually asymmetrical and can affect one or both feet. It can present as:
• Itchy scales or peeling rashes occurring in-between the toes
• Red scales covering the sides and soles of the feet
• Small blisters on the inside of the foot

Who gets Tinea?
Tinea pedis usually occur in adolescent and young adult males, however can also affect females, children and older people. Tinea is infectious and can be spread through direct contact or indirectly from towels, clothing or by being barefoot in communal areas such as pool change rooms.
Other Risk factors include:
• Excessive sweating
• Occlusive shoes
• Diabetes or immunodeficiency
• Lymphedema or poor circulation
Tinea Prevention and Treatment
General prevention includes proper drying of feet, avoiding occlusive footwear, wearing bamboo socks and wearing sandals/thongs in communal facilities.

Tinea is usually treated by anti-fungal creams and/or powders. Oral antifungal medications may be needed for those who don’t respond to topical treatments.

Tinea pedis is a common treatable fungal infection. If you are not sure whether you have it or not visit your podiatrist.

Written By Simon Hrobelko (Podiatrist)

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Written by Simon Hrobelko for CANBERRA INGROWN TOENAIL CLINIC.