Foot Mobilisation

What is mobilisation and can it help you?

Foot mobilisation is a hands-on, natural, manual therapy that helps the body’s structures restore to the right place. It stimulates the body’s ability to repair by returning foot mobility, function and posture. Sometimes we use mobilisation on its own and other times we use it in combination with dry needling, strapping and orthotics. Depending on your biomechanical assessment, the treatment will vary. Most people report INSTANT changes and feel more “free”.

Conditions that will be improved with mobilisation:

Heel pain
Morton’s neuroma
Achilles’ tendonitis
Peroneal muscle problems
Tibialis posterior tendinitis
Tibialis anterior syndrome
Sinus tarsi
Ankle instabilities or restrictions
Patella and knee complaints
Cuboid syndromes
Hip pains

If you would like to try FOOT MOBILISATION you can book your INITIAL BIOMECHANICAL ASSESSMENT online or call 62932024

Katie Gillingham- PODIATRIST