How To Get Those Feet SUMMER Ready!

During hot summer days, socks and shoes are flung carelessly into a dark corner of the room and out emerges the dreaded sandal or thong. Before you put your feet on display this summer here are some tips to help them look and feel their best:

  1. Check, soak and exfoliate

It’s a good idea to give your feet a check as you emerge from winter. Any foot issues like fungal nails, warts, tinea, corns or callus should be addressed immediately to avoid any further damage to your feet; You only get one pair! Soaking your feet will help to reduce swelling, prevent infections, and make exfoliation easier. Exfoliation should be done once a week to help keep your skin soft and prevent callus. Exfoliate well by using a pumice stone, a salt or sugar scrub or see a podiatrist. If you do have any health concerns, please consult a podiatrist first.      


  1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

During winter, wearing socks and shoes helps the skin to retain moisturise and stay hydrated. Through summer, your feet are prone to dry skin which can lead to cracked heels and infection. Rub your cream of choice in once a day for amazing, soft skin. Creams containing an ingredient called urea tend to be the best for thick, tough skin.


  1. Footwear

Choosing the right shoes for summer is so important! As you dive into wearing flimsy flip-flops your feet receive little to no support which accentuates your heel strike impact. Your toes also work overtime to keep your foot in the thong which can lead to lifelong debilitating deformities. Try a sandal with an ankle strap for more support.   


  1. Nail polish

Remember to remove any nail polish 2 weeks after application to avoid a fungal infection growing underneath. Also, always paint a clear base coat on your nails to stop the colour from staining.

Katie Gillingham- PODIATRIST

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