Summer Feet 2021

During the warmer weather barefoot walking and wearing of thongs/sandals/flip-flops can
cause your feet to feel sore and tired. Overtime this can develop into a chronic painful
condition. Helpful Hints!

Instead of barefoot at home try wearing thick, cushioned shoes to reduce pressure on your heels on those tough tiles.

When looking for a great pair of sandals make sure they have:
-A back strap
-Small amount of torque (small twist in the middle of the shoe NOT alot of twist)
-Arch support
-Slight elevation in the heel
-Appropriate width and length

At Brindabella Podiatry we can recommend the best shoes to fit your feet and keep you pain free year-round! Come in to discuss foot pain, footwear options and how to
strengthen your feet if you do like walking barefoot.


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