Medical Pedicures

Do you usually visit a Nail Salon for a Pedicure? Why not see a Podiatrist who has been to University for 4 years to learn about toenails and feet PLUS has a Medical, ACT Health Infection Control Licence? It’s not your fault, you probably did not know we even existed! But, now you know and we are HERE TO HELP! 👣

Maybe you get a Pedicure as you suffer with ingrown toenails? Sometimes people visit nails salons as they like all the dead skin removed from their heels? WE TREAT IT ALL!

Here is a list of what we can do for you in a Medical Pedicure:

  1. Assess your feet and nails and determine if you have any specific conditions such as corns, callus, ingrown nails, fungal nails, thick/hard to cut nails, dry heels, plantar warts.
  2. Treat all of your problems by removing corns/callus/warts/ingrowns with STERILE instruments that have been processed in a MEDICAL GRADE AUTOCLAVE to kill 100% of bacteria/virus/fungus.
  3. Cut your nails how you like them cut. Some people like them longer while others prefer them short, just let us know!
  4. Assess the pulses in your feet to check the blood flow.
  5. Set up a Management Plan on how you can help your nails and feet at home.
  6. Answer any questions you may have on footwear, heel pain, foot problems, bunions etc.
To make an appointment you can call us and ask for a Medical Pedicure on 62932024 or book online HERE.

For more information on what a PODIATRIST does, please take a peek at our website. If you suffer from Ingrown Toenails, you definitely want to visit our CANBERRA INGROWN TOENAIL CLINIC.

We look forward to helping you get those toenails BACK INTO SHAPE!

*Please note, we do not have the means to remove shellac/acrylic as it ruins our medical grade instruments.