Dear Valued Clients,

👣MOTHERS DAY GIVEAWAY is for THREE(3) winners and will be chosen at random, the old school way, by pulling names out of a hat. The winners will be notified by Facebook Messenger on Sunday night 10th May 2020 so PLEASE check your Facebook Messenger Sunday night. We will redraw if we do not hear back from you by Tuesday 12th May 2020. The Footcare Treatment is to the value of $106 and includes an INITIAL GENERAL TREATMENT ($106) or a SUBSEQUENT GENERAL TREATMENT ($96). Nail surgery, orthotics and biomechanical assessments or products are NOT included. Winning bookings may be made with Simon Hrobelko or Kate Gillingham, Podiatrists. Appointments to be scheduled before 31st August 2020. You may re-schedule your free appointment once, given that 48 hrs notice is provided, otherwise you will forfeit your win. Prizes are NOT transferable for cash but may be transfered to another mother of course. Thanks folks and GOOD LUCK!!!

Kind Regards- Nicole, Director

Mothers Day