My toenails are too hard to cut

Nails can become hard to manage on your own for a range of reasons. It is very common for nails to thicken over time. This is typically due to pressure against your shoes over a number of years. Nails can become very hard to manage, with regular nail clippers being too small to trim the nails. 

Reaching nails can also become more challenging over time. It is very common to find your nails much harder to manage than they used to be. 

One option for managing your nails is to see a podiatrist. Podiatrists have specialist tools for trimming and thinning thick nails. 

Seeing a podiatrist semi-regularly can keep your nails manageable. Either a podiatrist can always cut your nails, or keep them short and thin enough that you can trim them yourself in between visits.

Podiatrists can also advise you on a range of issues. These include footwear advice, aches and pains in the feet, and help with exercise and balance. 

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