What to look for in a work shoe

Work shoes: Work shoes must be worn often for 40 hours or more a week, so they need to be comfortable.

Often men’s work shoes have a narrow toe and limited fastening. Try to look for shoes that are wide at the toe and fasten with laces. Boots are also great as they give ankle support. This will give your feet better support and more space, giving more comfort for long days in your work shoes.

Women’s work shoes can vary from heels to loafers to ballet flats. The best shoes are ones that fasten firmly to the foot – think straps or laces. If the shoe has a heel, a low wide heel is best.

Work boots are mostly provided via your employer and have strict guidelines for their safety features. They should be wide enough to not feel tight and fastened with laces or a mix of laces and a zip.

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Erin Ritchie- PODIATRIST