Why Is Podiatry An Essential Service?

This is a question we get often. Podiatrists are health professionals that undertake a Bachelor of Applied Science or Podiatric Medicine at university for 4 years. Podiatrists are deemed essential during this pandemic lockdown because:

–         If regular appointments are missed or held off this often leads to negative outcomes such as infection or pain

–         Countless lower leg and foot complications will go undetected if your feet aren’t assessed and monitored  

–         Untreated ingrown nails can lead to infections, which could end up being life threatening

–         If people have blisters, leg wounds or ulcerations on their feet and miss appointments or do not receive proper wound care, this can result in amputation or worse

–         Foot pain relating to bones, muscles, tendons and soft tissue structures often affect peoples daily living and quality of life and need to be treated

–         Essential workers and frontline staff need their feet to do their jobs

–         We help take the strain off emergency rooms and GP’s who are dealing with other issues.

By Kate Gillingham, Podiatrist

Why Choose Brindabella Podiatry
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