What to look for in a HIGH HEEL?

Heels: We all know high heels are not great for your feet. They place excessive pressure through the ball of the foot, overwork your calf muscles and shorten your Achilles. But, if you must wear them you should look for:

A strap around the heel that fastens you into the shoe. Your foot does not have to work as hard to hold you in the shoe if it is strapped in firmly.

A shoe that is wide enough. Fitting your feet into narrow shoes is painful and often is the cause of bunions in later life as the bones shift to match the width.

A wide high heel. Whilst stilettos look great, the wider the heel is the more surface area you have on the ground. This decreases pressure through the heel and increases your stability.

A lower heel. It’s simple – the lower the heel, the lower the pressures being placed through your feet.

Some great brands for women’s heels include Frankie4, Bared, and Ecco

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Erin Ritchie- PODIATRIST