I don’t like the look of my nails

I don’t like how my toenails look – what are my options?

Brindabella Podiatry offers multiple solutions for improving the health and appearance of your toenails.

I don’t like the colour and/or texture of my nail
Nails can change colour and sometimes thicken if they are exposed to a fungal infection or trauma. KeryFlex is a service we provide where a sterile prosthetic nail is created to sit over the affected nail to create a realistic, aesthetically pleasing nail that can be painted. Click HERE for more information and to book a KeryFlex appointment.

We also provide assessment of fungal nail infections. If your nail/s has an infection we provide ongoing treatment and review of the nails to accelerate the healing process compared to only using anti-fungal treatments. Click HERE to book an appointment.

I don’t like the shape of my nails
Nails can change shape for a variety of reasons, including nails being ingrown, trauma, too-tight shoes, infections, or simply with time. We offer assessment and treatment of nails including re-shaping and thinning thick nails.

Often if a nail is chronically ingrown it can become misshapen. Brindabella Podiatry offers application of the OnyFix bracing system. OnyFix braces the nails from close to the nail bed to encourage the nail to grow flat and smooth, rather than curved and ingrown. Click HERE to learn more about OnyFix and to book an OnyFix appointment. 

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