5 things to consider BEFORE you have INGROWN TOENAIL surgery

If you are considering having ingrown toenail surgery, there are a few questions that you should ask to ensure that you are getting the best treatment available. What training have you undertaken for this procedure? The amount of training varies between professions. Podiatrists undertake extensive university and on-job training on nail surgery including correct injection techniques nail removal, phenolisation and wound dressing. How many surgeries have you undertaken and how often? Like everything, some surgeons have more experience than others. Some surgeons will do multiple surgeries a week whilst others can go months or even years without performing a surgery. What redressing and follow-up care do you provide? Some doctors/podiatrists will

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Plantar Fascia Tear

Now that the weather is nice, people are getting out and engaging in exercise. However, due to the increase in intensity and frequency of exercise, the risk of injury also increases. One injury that can result from the increase in exercise is a plantar fascia tear. This is characterised by an intense, localised pain along the arch of the foot or heels. What is the Plantar Fascia? The plantar fascia is a thick, web-like ligament that originates in heel, extends through thearch and ends in forefoot. It is responsible for the stabilisation and support of the midfoot andarch..What is a plantar fascia tear? A plantar fascia tear is commonly confused

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Summer Feet 2021

During the warmer weather barefoot walking and wearing of thongs/sandals/flip-flops can cause your feet to feel sore and tired. Overtime this can develop into a chronic painful condition. Helpful Hints! Instead of barefoot at home try wearing thick, cushioned shoes to reduce pressure on your heels on those tough tiles. When looking for a great pair of sandals make sure they have: -A back strap -Small amount of torque (small twist in the middle of the shoe NOT alot of twist) -Arch support -Slight elevation in the heel -Appropriate width and length At Brindabella Podiatry we can recommend the best shoes to fit your feet and keep you pain free

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How To Get Those Feet SUMMER Ready!

During hot summer days, socks and shoes are flung carelessly into a dark corner of the room and out emerges the dreaded sandal or thong. Before you put your feet on display this summer here are some tips to help them look and feel their best: Check, soak and exfoliate It’s a good idea to give your feet a check as you emerge from winter. Any foot issues like fungal nails, warts, tinea, corns or callus should be addressed immediately to avoid any further damage to your feet; You only get one pair! Soaking your feet will help to reduce swelling, prevent infections, and make exfoliation easier. Exfoliation should be

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Soccer Injury Season

COMMON SOCCER INJURIES YOUR PODIATRIST CAN HELP WITH! Plantar fasciitis: pain in the heel or arch of the foot, especially painful for the first steps in the morning Posterior tibialis posterior tendonitis: pain in the inside of your leg and foot particularly after running. Achilles tendonitis: pain at the back of your ankle especially common if you have not warmed up properly. If not managed correctly from the beginning it could rupture. In children between 8-14 years old with similar symptoms it is more likely calcaneal apophysitis (Sever’s disease). Sesamoiditis: pain, tingling, numbness near the bottom of the big toe. Stress fractures: can be caused from repetitive impact and overuse

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Peripheral Neuropathy

You may be developing a condition called peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage). There are many reasons why peripheral neuropathy can occur; diabetes, vitamin B12 deficiency and exposure to certain toxins are just a few. Symptoms for peripheral neuropathy may include: Burning Tingling Numbness Pain Loss of balance Hyper-sensitivity Treatment is varied and it may take extended periods of time for damaged nerves to regenerate.  It is most important to treat the underlying condition which has caused the neuropathy to prevent further deterioration. BOOK ONLINE HERE for a GENERAL TREATMENT and we can discuss your options. Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn

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