Athlete’s Foot

You may have tinea pedis, commonly known as Athlete’s Foot. Tinea pedis is a fungal infection that can occur on the bottom of your feet and between your toes. The infection can be transferred by person-to-person contact, damp surfaces and dark, moist places like enclosed shoes.Possible symptoms include: Itching Stinging Burning Red rash Dry flakey skin Small red spots Cracking between toes Blisters Treatment for tinea pedis is chosen according to how long the infection as been present, where on the foot it is occurring and how it occurred. This may include anti-fungal sprays, ointment, cream, washing powder, change of footwear, use of anti-perspirants, foot hygiene practices and anti-fungal oral

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Knee Pain In Kids

It May be Osgood-Schlatters Disease? Osgood-Schlatter’s disease causes pain in the front of the knee. It is commonly seen in boys and girls between the ages of 9-16. It features a painful lump just below the knee, this is because of inflammation of the patellar ligament at the tibial tuberosity. The pain usually occurs during physical activity such as running, jumping, squatting and going up and down stairs. Who Is Affected? Around 75% of cases affect boys and occurs in up to 20% of sporty children compared to 4% of a group of all activity levels. In a quarter of cases, both knees are affected and it is more likely

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Sore Feet on the GOLF COURSE?

It is of vital importance to take good care of your feet to produce the best results on the golf course. Not only is there great need for motion in the feet during the swinging of a golf club, the average round of 18 holes entails several kilometres of walking.  During the golf swing the body acts as a whip, power production starts with the feet pushing against the ground. Each foot moves differently during a golf swing, the back foot must allow for more pronation during the follow through of the golf swing than the front foot.  This motion repeated over an extended period of time can easily lead

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National Diabetes Week 2019

Jessica will be at Capital Chemist In Calwell to provide FREE Diabetes Assessments for those people in our community. She will assess the blood flow to the feet using an ULTRASOUND DOPPLER. Jess will also perform NEUROLOGICAL tests to determine your neurological status PLUS look at your nails/skin and FOOTWEAR. You will be provided with a letter for your doctor with your results. Make sure you pop into the chemist and get your time as bookings are essential. THURS 18th July 9am-12.30pm BOOK ONLINE HERE for a Diabetes Assessment and we can fix those cracked heels for you! Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter

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Cracked Heel

Cracked Heels?

Cracked heels can occur in both men and women and can be extremely painful if not fixed quickly. The cracks can split which allows a portal of entry for infections. Many people are often embarrassed about the appearance of their cracked, dry heels. But don’t worry! We treat cracked heels daily and can sort yours out too. Common Causes of Cracked Heels; Lacking moisture – This is the most common cause of cracked heels. The skin underneath your feet is often dry, rough and chapped. This is because the skin around your heels has a relatively small number of sweat glands. Pressure – Spending a long time standing at work

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Have You Had Your Falls Risk Assessment?

Are you unsteady on your feet and feel off balance? Have you ever had a fall as a result of feeling uncoordinated and just unstable when standing or walking? This is the perfect assessment for you! Falls are all too common in the ageing population and the risk is increased with those with Diabetes. They are one of the leading contributing factors of injury and death in adults over the age of 65 years. A person who falls may subsequently experience pain, hospitalisation, surgical intervention, admission to a nursing home, decreased overall functional ability, poorer quality of life, anxiety and a fear of falling. As patients age, they may experience

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